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We are currently undergoing an operational restructuring and will be closed until further notice. Please stay tuned for updates on our social media platforms FB/IG : @bondelisg

About Us

Bon Deli Singapore

At Bon Deli, we are fusion tart specialists combining the love of food with the joy of sharing it among family and friends. Our signature charcoal tarts are a culinary spectacle of East meets West, incorporating well-loved Asian flavours with European sophistication. Every bite gives an unparalleled feeling of satisfaction, combining familiar flavours of comfort food with an innovative presentation. Be it an exquisite gift for loved ones, enjoyed for high tea with girlfriends or a romantic rendezvous with a date, celebrate good food with good company and delight your senses!


Our fusion tarts are a whimsical play of old and new, elevating classic Asian flavours with a touch of chic modernity. Every tart is chock full of hearty ingredients and can be savoured on its own as a full meal or shared among friends as a snack. We envisioned an elegant dining experience for ladies, specially creating a charcoal rectangle tart shell in a comfortable width to be relished without causing a lipstick blemish.

A brainchild of veteran Chinese and Western chefs, our artisanal creations combine passion with purpose, going through rigorous rounds of recipe testing and focus group sessions to develop the ultimate savoury tart. They are simple yet refined, made with fresh premium ingredients, without preservatives or additives as we like to let the natural flavours shine!


Through it all, your satisfaction is our priority. All our tarts are made fresh upon order, packed in a charming box and delivered straight to your doorstep. Savour them at room temperature or warm (microwave for 15-30 seconds on medium heat setting), our tarts can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere; ideal as a surprise gift for loved ones or great for personal enjoyment in the comforts of your home. Have it as a tea time pick-me-up, an elegant snack for hen’s night or even a full plated meal at dinner parties, feast your eyes and dazzle your taste buds with sensory pleasure like no other!

Bon Appétit!

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